About Us

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Welcome to the Perth Anaesthetic Group website.

Perth Anaesthetic Group was established by some of Perth’s most progressive specialist anaesthetists in 1952, to allow private practice anaesthetists to share costs and run a professional business while practicing independently.


We have grown and adapted to changes in the delivery of hospital care, but still believe in the pursuit of high quality, personalised care.


Past members have contributed significantly to the medical community, with representation to the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, The Australian Society of Anaesthetists, and the AMA.


There are usually 14-16 full group members at any one time, and 7-8 associated anaesthetists who are mainly in the large public hospitals. Our anaesthetists work widely throughout Perth’s expanding hospital network, with many of Perth’s most respected surgeons, providing comprehensive services to patients undergoing a wide variety of procedures. This includes patients of all ages, and often quite unwell patients needing intensive anaesthesia care and the experience that goes with it.


All of our anaesthetists are required to maintain high levels of continuing professional development, and participate in relevant workshops and simulations. This is combined with quality assurance and peer review. Combined with the high levels of training involved to become a specialist after medical school, this reflects that Australia has the reputation of providing the safest level of anaesthesia care in the world.